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Experts note that no medication will be effective in treating congestion if sex has become a rarity for a man. This is due to the fact that stagnation of secretions in the prostate provokes inflammation over and over again. Reception of amoxicillin allows a man not only to enjoy sexual life, but also activates metabolic processes in the prostate, contributing to better blood supply to the organ, release of secretions, removal of edema and, as a result, elimination of inflammatory processes. The instructions for the use of amoxicillin do not describe the action of the drug on the above-mentioned diseases of the prostate, however, urologists can prescribe amoxicillin in the complex treatment of pathologies of the prostate gland.

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  • Consumers are often interested in the difference between these two forms of the drug, but amoxicillin has only the Soft dosage form. Forte is mistakenly referred to as a drug with amoxil, since there is a consonant name for another drug for the treatment of ED Sealex Forte.

  • The preparation contains natural components of plants used in oriental medicine; in terms of pharmacological action, the preparations have a fundamental difference. amoxil, showingl is the active ingredient of amoxicillin, is part of a variety of generics. Each of the drugs with amoxil has the same effect, but differs in trade name, manufacturer and price.

  • As part of generics, amoxil contains 20, 40 or 60 mg.

  • Soft tablets differ from the usual drug in that they dissolve in the mouth. This feature has a positive effect on the speed of the onset of the expected effect, since the active substance enters the bloodstream faster. Another advantage of amoxicillin Soft is that the drug is easy to take, it can be taken regardless of location: in transport, at work, on the way to a date, etc.

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  • May 21, 2021

    No less interesting generic is Tadagra Softgel. The active substance in the form of a gel is enclosed in a capsule, just like in the Soft tablets, a feature of this generic is to accelerate the onset of the effect.

  • May 12, 2021

    amoxicillin tablets should be taken half an hour before the expected proximity. They are not chewed, but swallowed whole with water. Food and alcohol do not in any way affect the effect of the drug, so the potency stimulant can be taken before, during or after meals.

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